DHC and Frequencies for Life

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Healy

I have to say. This have been an adventure. Over 6 years ago I started to do a lot of research on how to bring affordable healthcare to small and medium sized businesses and to individuals and families. My journey took me to Direct Primary Care. It took me to do a lot of research in Captive Insurance. Took me to the federal government’s rule and regulations. It has helped me talk to many different type of healthcare providers and it has taken me to alternative medicines not so recognized by the modern medicine world.

The latest breakthrough in my journey has been that of Frequency Therapy and the Healy. The Healy is an FDA class 2 cleared medical device (see disclaimer). It is an amazing device that was released in the USA on May 1st 2020. In three months, it did over $25 million in sales. And the Healy World company had a struggle to fill all orders because Healy World is a German company and to get the devices to the USA was a task. But things has settled down now and it keeps going forward.

So my personal experience with the Healy is that it does what it says it does and so much more. So to stay compliant to FDA rules, I can say that it has helped my body feel stronger, healthier, and overall happier. Please take a look at the attached video and it will explain more.

Due to regulations you have to click the link to watch the video.


Frequencies for Life